Fanatec ClubSport Adattatore Morsa Freno a mano


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Sede/Negozio BG: Non disponibile

Spedito in: 3-5 giorni lavorativi

19,00 Iva inclusa

Specifiche tecniche

Clamp your handbrake

Use the ClubSport Handbrake Clamp Adapter in combination with a ClubSport Shifter Table Clamp (not included) ​to mount the ClubSport Handbrake to a table vertically or horizontal​ly.​ The hole pattern and the slotted holes provide adjustability for your preferences.
Horizontal mount


Mount your ClubSport Handbrake horizontally using the 4 hole pattern of the ClubSport Shifter to use it like in a sports car. Note that in this case no shifter can be mounted to your shifter table clamp in parallel.


You can also mount your ClubSport Handbrake vertically like in a race or rallye car, using the front end hole pattern of the shifter table clamp.
Vertical mount



  • Mount your ClubSport Handbrake to a ClubSport Shifter Table Clamp
  • Horizonal mount
  • Vertical mount
  • You can also use the clamp adapter to mount a ClubSport Handbrake to a RennSport Cockpit Shifter Holder or any other cockpit utilizing the hole pattern of a ClubSport Shifter (SQ)





  • ClubSport Handbrake
  • ClubSport Handbrake V1.5
  • ClubSport Shifter Table Clamp
  • RennSport Cockpit Shifter Holder
  • other cockpits utilizing the 4-hole pattern of the ClubSport Shifter (SQ)